Sunday, 26 March 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile(MoCA) - Metadata Error(Metadata corrupted - Error_Message_Generic_Mobile_Client ErrorDialog.ProvideTechnicalDetails)

Hello All,

Lets go through a quick fix for a type of Metadata Error in Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Application (MoCA). 

In one of our recent projects, we faced a metadata error in MoCA application out of no where. After spending hours around this issue and with the timely support of MS team, we were able to find the root cause and fix,

Issue Summary is as follows,

Issue: While opening mobile app, the app crashes with an error Error_Message_Generic_Mobile_Client ErrorDialog.ProvideTechnicalDetails

This error can be caused because of multiple reasons, In our case we used logs and browser's developer tool errors to identify the issue is around MSCRM Document templates.

This occurs whenever you delete an entity from CRM and it has an associated document template. When MoCA builds metadata, it was trying to retrieve a document template of a deleted entity that results in a null reference error.

Identify the document template related to the deleted entity and remove the same from the system.

Hope this helps!


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