Sunday, 14 April 2019

D365 CE Quick Hacks - Switch to Classic UI from UCI - ForceClassic

With D365 CE there are lot of cool stuff's happening, we are right in middle of all the rapid evolution of the industry and product.

Before reading below content around UCI/Classic app, its recomended to go through below blog, 

Its always handy to have URL's in armory to navigate to specific areas/interfaces with ease. Lets have a look at them now

How to quickly navigate to default Class UI app when the "UCI only" setting is enabled?

Append a forceclassic Query string parameter after main.aspx
https://<your orgname>/main.aspx?forceclassic=1 


How to quickly switch the current UCI app to Classic UI?

Append a forceclassic query string parameter after appid. Please make sure to remove session idenfier("#<somerandomnumber>") before appending foreclassic tag.

https://<your orgname>/main.aspx?appid=<yourappid>&forceclassic=1 


Happy Learning!


  1. Thank you! This is invaluable for the features that have been REMOVED (why) for the new UI (eg, Print Preview, Mail Merge, etc)

  2. Very helpful, thank you. Any idea how long they'll allow us to use the classic view? I wonder when Big Brother will flip the switch and cut this off.

    1. Hi Lynda, I do not have clear time frame when this is going to happen, But I strongly believe that the classic interface will slowly become obsolete in the upcoming releases and UCI will be the way to go. From UCI perspective with every release it is getting better and powerful so when that happens we should be good!

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