Thursday, 25 May 2017

MSCRM - Email Tracking token understanding and configuration

In this article we are going to understand the purpose, configuration and tracking of the Email tracking token.

What is tracking token and why we need it?

Whenever an email is sent via CRM, a tracking token is suffixed to subject line by default and it is used for email tracking and correlation purpose.

This helps in auto mapping/matching related conversations to the regarding object. If its turned off, then we may need to compare key words in subject, sender and receiver to find the best match and this results in reduced probability.

Example Tracking Token: CRM:00010001

Should we disable tracking token?

Sometimes tracking tokens may cause confusion around the subject of the mail and we may need to get rid of it . But disabling tracking token affects the accuracy of email tracking and its not recommended by Microsoft.

In such situations we can update the prefix to a more meaningful one, like

  • TrakingToken:00010001
  • Tracking#00010001 
  • #00010001
Note from Microsoft website
Tracking tokens are the only supported correlation method that can be used when you use Dynamics 365 for Outlook connected to an SMTP server and send email to a non-Exchange recipient. In this situation, if tracking tokens are not enabled, then correlation events, such as the automatically creating records based on the regarding object, may not work.

The tracking token is configurable under Email tab in System Settings,

For more information refer below link - Old article but the content is perfect


  1. Hi, can we remove the email token for a specific mailbox only?

    1. I am afraid its an organizational level setting. User/mailbox level tweaking may not be possible.


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